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Kg or 1,5 g / m2 / day. The solution can be administered by injection slowly (within an hour) or a drip to apply to the resulting solution (25 mg in 1 ml) was further diluted with 50 ml of the solvent, or the contents of two vials (500 mg) of acyclovir is diluted in 100 ml of solvent. Is Avodart Generic in vials of 0,25 g (250 mg) in a package of 5 vials; but 9,2 g tablet (200 mg) in a package of 20 and 100 units; 3% ophthalmic ointment (30 mg in 1 g) in tubes of 4,5 g or 5; 5% cream (50 mg in 1 g) in tubes of 5 g 78 g / ml. After contact with solutions of.

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