Economical LED Tube

Our economical T8 LED tubes provide an inexpensive introduction to fluorescent replacement LED lighting. They are suitable to replace a fluorescent tube of double the wattage consumption.  Their case is constructed of high quality polycarbonate. The case contains Epistar LED chips driven by a non-isolated driver and mounted on an internal aluminum heat sink.  The polycarbonate case provides insulation from all electrical components making it possible to use a less expensive non-isolated driver.  The economical tubes is suitable for use in  applications where the tube is not exposed continuously to hot weather and does not have extended operating times. 

Price of Economical T8 LED Tubes

By comparison our commercial grade aluminum tubes are stronger and have an external heat sink which is more effective at removing heat during long hours of operation. This extends the life of all components but requires the use of more expensive components including an external heat sink and isolated driver. We provide a warranty of 2 or 3 years on our commercial tubes and 18 months on our Economical Tube.                

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T8 LED Tube

$ 20.00
Market Price:
$ 28.00
Category:Economical LED Tube
  • 18w
  • 1200mm
  • 6000k
  • milky
Min Order Quantity:
  • 2 tubes

Plastic fluorescent replacement LED tube with internal aluminum heat sink and non-isolated driver. This LED tube is suitable for all but the most demanding applications. It comes with a 1 year warranty.     

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