LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. - Brisbane Manufacturer of High Quality Commercial LED Lighting.

We manufacture the widest variety of LED tubes in Australia. Whether your luminaires have electronic or magnetic ballasts, T5 or T8 we can  supply an LED tube that will fit your existing luminaire. We can also supply specialist LED light battens into which any LED tubes can be fitted.

We manufacture energy efficient high lumen LED tubesdimmable LED tubesmotion sensor LED tubes,and  emergency LED tubes. We also manufacture LED refrigeration tubes including water resistant IP65 refrigeration tubes. Our LED battens, integrated LED luminaires and LED panel lights provide a complete alternative to inefficient fluorescent lighting.

We also specialize in high watt commercial lighting. Our stylish high bay LED tubes can produce more than 22,500lm providing a cost effective designer alternative to unattractive high bay can lighting. Our high watt light bulbs produce over 10,000lm. They have a long life span, produce very little heat and are an easy replacement for metal halide and halogen bulbs in high bay, street lighting and other applications.

We produce a range of super high quality flood lights with Philips, Samsung and Cree LED modules and a Mean Well driver. Our flood lights have customizable beam angles are available in up to 1000w and are designed to work in the most demanding conditions.  

Our LED lighting improves lighting quality, virtually eliminates maintenance and reduces electricity usage by more than half. Our LED products provide an affordable retrofit or new fit out solution for businesses looking for more attractive and efficient lighting. 

We aim to provide businesses with a) the latest in LED technology and b) clear information on LED lighting options, to make the change  to LED lighting easy.     

Please feel free to email or call us and one of our technicians will be glad to answer any query. If you would like to learn more about LED technology, click on our FAQs or read more. 

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Commercial LED Lighting Products

Our commercial LED lighting products are low watt and high power factor making them both economical to run and environmentally friendly.

For a full description of our products includig prices and spec sheets please click on "Products" below.  

LED Light Fixtures  LED Light Tube for Refrigerator 
 T8 LED Ceiling Tube  LED Aluminium Profile  LED Panel Lights
Super High Quality LED Flood Light LED Emergency Lighting Batten for LED Tubes



Reduce Commercial Lighting Costs - LED Lighting  

Replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. Replace high watt halogen or metal halide bulbs with high watt LED bulbs. Replace high watt flood lights and high bay lights with LED flood lights and LED high bay. LED lighting of the same or greater brightness, consumes less than fifty percent of the power. The electricity savings begin to accrue immediately, and because we keep our margins low and provide bulk discounts, the total cost of purchase and replacement can be recovered from electricity savings in their first year of use . If you would like more details in respect of how savings are calculated please read more. 

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Australian Standards and Safety

LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. is registered as a Responsible Supplier on the Australian National Register of Equipment Suppliers and our tubes are Registered Equipment. Our Supplier number is E2183. We obtain all of the lab testing and certification required to show that our products comply with Australian Standards and satisfy the necessary regulations under Australian law.  

Don't risk buying a tube that is unsafe and fails to meet Australian standards. All of our tubes are independently tested and certified. Our SAA certificate number for our most popular models is SAA140997 and our Certificate of Suitability can be seen by clicking here or on SAA symbol to the right.  Safety is our paramount concern.  

Our tubes are certified to comply with the following standards:

AS/NZS 60598.1:2003

AS/NZS 60598.2.1:2014

AS/NZS IEC 61347.2.13:2013

AS/NZS 61347.1:2002   


3 Year Guarantee!

We offer 3 year guarantees and 2 year guarantees on our light tubes. By the expiry of the guarantees LED tubes will have covered their own costs and already produced significant savings. They will continue to produce savings for many years. Warranties of up to 5 years are availabe on many of our products. If you do not see the energy savings on your next electricity bill, return the tubes (or we'll collect them) and we'll give you your money back.   


Up to 50,000 hours!

Tired of replacing fluorescent tubes? An LED tube used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year can last 5.7 years without the dimming or flickering associated with fluorescent tubes. That's a long time between replacements! 



Spread the cost of LED lighting with credit and start saving on energy costs now.

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